LAST HIT, A feature comedy by Kyle Francis. DENIS BERGERON (28) is a warrior. He lives for MMA. He breathes MMA. It is the bright, happy center of his life. And then one day, he pushes himself too hard, breaks his spine in a fight, and his one true love is wrenched away. But Bergeron finds a new love--and new friends--in the competitive fighting game community. But he also finds new enemies like CHRIS BALLARD (16), a fighting games champion and personification of GamerGate, who publicly humiliates Bergeron and ices him out of community. So with the help of his sharp-tongued physiotherapist SUZIE THOMPSON (28) and his lovable trainer DAVEY PARK (15), Bergeron vows to defeat Chris once and for all at CANADA CUP, the largest fighting game tournament in the world. Also, CANADA CUP has a big cash prize and wheelchair-friendly condo renovations don’t pay for themselves, but that’s secondary to being the best at something again. (OOH RAH). Numerous setbacks, plot twists and rad training montages later (this is still technically a sports movie), Bergeron and Chris have their showdown. To win, Bergeron must learn that if you live your life pushing yourself, you’ll inevitably break, and when that happens you need people around you who will help you pick up the pieces. Streetfighters stars Canadian middleweight MMA champ Elias Theodorou and features FGC legends Justin Wong and Kayane. We will go into production in fall of 2018.